Sig Sauer P365 / P365SAS Appendix Holster Royal Blue
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Sig Sauer P365 / P365SAS Appendix Holster Gold
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Sig Sauer P365 / P365SAS Appendix Holster Black
Sig Sauer P365 / P365SAS Appendix Holster Orange
Sig Sauer P365 / P365SAS Appendix Holster Purple
Sig Sauer P365 / P365SAS Appendix Holster Zombie Green
Sig Sauer P365 / P365SAS Appendix Holster Blood Red
concealed Appendix holster
AIWB Holster


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This Radial Coreflex is built specifically for the P365 and the P365SAS appendix holster (AIWB). We've carefully selected and tested each component to provide the maximum versatility, comfort, and concealment for the end user.

  • Fits the following models: Sig Sauer P365 / P365X / P365SAS.
  • Fully adjustable concealment claw works in tandem with the shock cord connection to pull the grip of your handgun tighter against your body to eliminate obvious printing.
  • Military grade shock cord delivers increased comfort and concealment by allowing the holster to move with you and flex closer into your body.
  • Ultra-slim profile and carefully cut angles to reduce pinching / jabbing. 
  • Suppressor height sight and optic ready. No additional modification is needed to accommodate these accessories.
  • Multiple adjustment settings for cant (angle) and ride height in order to accommodate different body types and carry preferences.
  • Adjustable retention for firearm and spare magazine, allowing you to dial in your preferred retention for the quickest draw.
  • The spare magazine side of the holster has a slightly canted angle to allow for a quicker and more natural access.
  • The spare magazine carrier features a built in concealment structure on the face of magazine designed to pull the spare magazine tighter into the body to eliminate printing.
  • Reinforcement ridges are strategically placed throughout the holsters design, effectively preventing your holster from stress fracturing or breaking with extended use. 
  • All of our holsters are covered by a lifetime, no B.S. warranty. This means that if your holster breaks we will replace it NO MATTER WHAT.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Anthony McFadden

This holster is amazing. It fits my p365 perfectly. Quick shipping times too. This holster is superior to all others I have used.

Israel Huertas
Love it!

My core flex holster fits my P365 perfectly! I had plenty of retention and holds my firearm and extra magazine firmly. I would love to try out the holster wedges for added comfort! This holster makes my p365x practically disappear!

Mr Quick
Coreflex AIWB

Price was good quality is good comfort and adjustability is good I call it a win 🏆

Great holster

Fits well and easily concerned

Eli P

Bought a holster for my new sig p365. I own multiple T1C holsters for my other guns and, don’t get me wrong they are phenomenal. However these radial holsters do the same job, with the same/similar build quality, at half the price, and with incredibly short lead times. I ordered my holster on a Friday late afternoon and it was at my front door by Monday afternoon. The color options are broad enough to find something that suits you without being the full “custom” option offered by other holster companies (which contributes to the 4-6 lead times that other companies have). The customer service has been excellent so far - including a handwritten note from employees included with my order and live chat support offered via their website (with a real human!). Overall - a great holster at a great price. I think the sig p365 offers the best overall EDC option for me and my body type, but if I ever have a need for another AIWB holster, or have a friend that needs a referral, I will absolutely direct them to Radial.