Q: Do you sell to distributers or stores?

A: To guarantee our standards of quality throughout the entire product experience, we are extremely selective of the direct distributers and stores that we partner with. If you are interested in becoming an authorized distributer, you'll need to complete and submit the application form at the link below. This is the initial step in the distributer application process. After review of your application, a representative will contact you to discuss your application. To become an authorized distributer, CLICK HERE.

Q: Do you have any light bearing options?

A: We do not currently offer any light bearing options.

Q: What is the lead time on your holsters?

A: We have extremely quick and efficient lead-times on our holsters. Orders ship in 3-5 business days and in most cases your holster will arrive on your doorstep within 5-7 days.

Q: Do you guys make a holster for the (insert gun model here)?

A: If you do not see your gun model listed on our website, unfortunately we do not offer it at this time. Feel free to send us an email with your specific gun model request. When it becomes available, we will send you an email notification.

Q: Are the Glock 43 and 43X Coreflex holsters cross compatible?

A: They are not cross compatible, since the G43X model has a wider mag.

Q: Are the P365 and P365XL Coreflex holsters cross compatible?

A: They are not cross compatible. The P365 XL features a longer slide and will not fit the standard P365 holster.

Q: Do your holsters fit suppressor height sights and optics?

A: Yes, all of our holsters come pre-cut to accept suppressor height sights and optics (RMR, DPP, Holosun, Venom, etc.)

Q: Is the Radial Coreflex Holster comfortable while sitting?

A: Short depends on your body type. Appendix carry isn't for everyone, but no one does appendix carry rigs better than Radial Innovations. The versatility of our Coreflex holster allows you to dial in your holster settings right where you want them so that you can obtain the most comfortable fit. If you are brand new to appendix carry, you're going to be a little bit sore at first regardless of which holster you use. The key to sitting with an appendix rig is proper adjustment of your holster for your body type.

Q: Do you offer local pickup?

A: Due to zoning restrictions, we do not offer local pickup at our facility. If you live in-state, you will typically receive your package within 24 hours after it ships.

Q: What is a concealment wing?

A: The concealment wing sits on the gun side of the Coreflex appendix holster. It works in tandem with the shock cord to pull the grip of your handgun into your body in order to prevent printing of your firearm.

Q: What makes the best concealed carry holster?

A: The best concealed carry holster is one that keeps your gun safe, sturdy and reliable, time after time. We use Kydex for all of our holsters to ensure a long lasting holster that will never let you down.

Q: How to wear a concealed carry holster?

A: Here are some tips for wearing a concealed carry holster! 1. Size up one size in the waist of your jeans to allow for a little more room for your inside the waistband holster. 2. Either tuck your shirt into your pants, covering your gun and holster, or drape your shirt over your jeans so that it completely covers your holster. 3. Wearing a thick belt may help keep your holster in place. 4. Spend some time playing around with carry positions, adjusting your holster even slightly can have a huge impact on comfort. Don't give up if the first time you try wearing a concealed carry holster it isn't as comfortable as you were hoping, everybody is different and it may take a couple tries to find the best position for yourself!

Q: What is appendix carry holster?

A: An appendix carry holster is a holster that sits inside your front waistband, slightly below your belly button, right near where you appendix truly is. While this is the most popular location to appendix carry, there are a few position variations depending on your needs and comfort.

Q: What does IWB holster mean?

A: IWB holster simply means a holster that sits Inside the Waistband. IWB is a convenient way to keep your holster completely concealed. IWB carry also provides safety to you as the carrier, it would be practically impossible for a would-be attacker to grab or take your gun if you are carrying IWB. It is also super convenient for you as the carrier to access your gun.

Q: What is a Kydex holster?

A: A Kydex holster is any holster that is made from the material Kydex. Kydex itself is a lightweight, plastic-like material, it is thin yet durable. It lasts longer than other materials and will not damage your gun like some cheaper plastics will.