We offer a 15% discount to military, veteran, law enforcement, and first responders. We appreciate your service to our country and we are proud to offer our support by making our premium products as affordable as possible to you.


1. Start by creating an account on our website at (you can use any email address to set up the account).

2. Email us at and provide all of the following information:

    • + Your Radial Innovations account email address
    • + First and last name
    • + Agency or department name (i.e. Army, Los Angeles Police Department, Philadelphia Fire Department, etc.)
    • + 1x Copy of your work ID/credential or a DD 214 for Honorable Discharged Military Veteran
    • + 1x Copy of government issued photo ID with the same name on your work ID/credential (i.e. driver's license, CCW permit, etc)

3. After verifying your identity, we will update your account. You will then receive an email with a coupon code that can be used at any time to access our Military / LEO / First Responder discount.

**We will delete the copy of your IDs after verification to protect your personal information. (For your protection, please block out your SSN if your work ID/DD 214 shows your SSN)