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Glock 43x MOS / 48 MOS Sidecar Holster
Glock 43x MOS / 48 MOS Appendix Holster
Glock 43x MOS / 48 MOS gun holster


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The Radial Coreflex Holster is built specifically for appendix carry (AIWB). We've carefully selected and tested each component to provide the maximum versatility, comfort, and concealment for the end user.

  • Fits the following models: Glock 43x MOS / Glock 48 MOS. Does NOT fit Glock 43x or Glock 48
  • Fully adjustable concealment claw works in tandem with the shock cord connection to pull the grip of your handgun tighter against your body to eliminate obvious printing.
  • Military grade shock cord delivers increased comfort and concealment by allowing the holster to move with you and flex tight against the contour of your body.
  • Ultra-slim profile and carefully cut angles to reduce pinching / jabbing. 
  • Suppressor height sight and optic ready. No additional modification is needed to accommodate these accessories.
  • Multiple adjustment settings for cant (angle) and ride height in order to accommodate different body types and carry preferences.
  • Dual pocket clips secure your firearm on your waistline, providing a consistent purchase point every time.
  • Adjustable retention for firearm and spare magazine, allowing you to dial in your preferred retention for the quickest draw.
  • The spare magazine side of the holster has a slightly canted angle to allow for a quicker and more natural access.
  • The spare magazine carrier features a built in concealment structure on the face of magazine designed to pull the spare magazine tighter into the body to eliminate printing.
  • Reinforcement ridges are strategically placed throughout the holsters design, effectively preventing your holster from stress fracturing or breaking with extended use. 
  • The Glock 43x MOS / Glock 48 MOS Coreflex has an open ended design to allow for threaded barrels and comps (as long as they aren't wider than the exterior dimensions of the slide).
  • All of our holsters are covered by a lifetime, no B.S. warranty. This means that if your holster breaks we will replace it NO MATTER WHAT.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Andrew Davison
Fantastic Service and Product

First off, I need to say that their service is top tier. When my original holster arrived, it was stolen off my front porch. The folks at Radial were quick to ship a new one out to me and kept in contact until it came in. They set a standard for how to properly do customer service in this industry.
The holster is solid. It has great retention while allowing for a smooth draw and reload. Another big plus, for me at least, is how little it prints despite the bulkier appearance. Being on the thinner side, I have always been very self conscious about how pronounced my imprint can get under most circumstances. That issue has lessened considerably. Fantastic work!

David P.

I think it could be a little bit less $ anyways
I got this holster to try other options to carry my Glock 43x and to help hide it more easier since the laws have changed. It fits well but I suggest you also buy a set of wedges to help keep it from digging into your pelvic area and help minimize printing. all and all I’m very happy with this purchase and will be back to buy in future

Jason Ratusz
Glock 43x coreflex holster

Purchased this for my Shadow Syatems CR920 with the Holosun 507k. Great fit for the gun and extra magazine. Very well made and a great price for what you get. Impressed with the quality and care of the holster.

Great Holster

I purchased the Glock 43X MOS version for my SS CR920. I must say it is a great holster and using it for the past few days. I have and use Tier 1 and T-Rex for other firearms and found RadialUSA. It is a lot like a Tier 1 and is to me as comfortable as my Tier 1 but at a lot less money and much quicker turn around time, I had it in 1 week vs others lead time of 4-6 weeks.

The only thing I do wish about this holster was the option to get mid-height sweat guard but I can manage and if need be reduce the height myself.