The Radial Coreflex Appendix Carry Holster is the pinnacle of our holster line up. We've carefully selected and tested each component to provide the maximum versatility, comfort, and concealment.

  • Each Coreflex holster features a concealment claw that acts in tandem with the shock cord to pull your firearm tighter against your body. 
  • Military grade shock cord delivers increased comfort and concealment. This allows the holster to move with you and flex closer into your body for better concealment. 
  • All appendix holsters come suppressor height sight and optic ready. No additional modification is needed to fit these accessories.
  • To accommodate different body types and carry preferences, our appendix rig has multiple adjustment settings for cant (angle) and ride height.
  • Adjustable retention for firearm and spare magazine allows you to dial in your preferred retention for the quickest draw.
  • The spare magazine side has a slightly canted angle allowing for a more ergonomic access.
  • The spare magazine side has a built in concealment ridge, pulling the spare magazine tighter into the body to avoid printing.
  • Reinforcement ridges are strategically placed throughout the holsters design, effectively preventing your holster from stress fracturing or breaking with extended use.