The Advantages of Appendix Carry Holsters: Concealment, Comfort, and Easy Access

On the quest for the best holster out there? Read on to see if the appendix carry holster is for you.

Appendix carry holsters have been hailed for years as the holster with the easiest and quickest access. With more and more innovations, it has become much more comfortable than original models as well. In this blog we’ll go over 1. Concealment 2. Comfort 3. Easy access 4. Wardrobe versatility

  1. Concealment: The Art of Discreet Carrying

One of the primary reasons why appendix carry holsters are chosen over other holsters is their exceptional concealment capability. By placing the firearm in the front of the body, right around the natural contours of the waistline, these holsters effectively hide the weapon in a location that's less likely to print through clothing. This means that even when wearing a relatively snug shirt or t-shirt, the outline of the firearm is significantly minimized. 

  1. Comfort: Finding the Right Fit

Comfort is paramount when choosing a holster, you should be able to go about your daily activities without distracting discomfort or pain. This type of holster is strategically positioned in a way that aligns with the body's natural contours, minimizing potential pressure points or friction. Additionally, the front carry position allows for a more natural draw motion, reducing the need for awkward twists or stretches to access the firearm.

Concealment wedges increase both concealment and comfort while wearing an appendix holster. The Radial foam concealment wedges in specific are designed to place your holster even closer to your body for maximum concealment, making it the ultimate concealed carry partner.

  1. Easy Access

With your holster located near the front of the body and easily accessible, the draw motion is streamlined and intuitive. In a high-stress situation, where seconds matter, this can be a crucial factor. You can efficiently reach for their firearm without needing to shift their body position dramatically, potentially saving valuable time when responding to a threat.

  1. Concealment and Wardrobe Versatility

Appendix holsters can be especially appealing if you wear a variety of outfits. The appendix holster can be worn underneath more types of clothing than other holsters.

The exceptional concealment, comfort, and easy access of appendix carry holsters make them a great option for your holster colection!